DIY Space

diy 18.2. 14-23 o’clock
build, solder, practice, learn, tinker, repair, try.
Learn how to do a doevetail joint and get to know some power tools in the woodworkshop. You can build your own little shelve or just try out some tools.
Get to know the magic of soldering, make the tin connect your electric wires that will transport the music to the…Open Decks (Serato+Controller) where you can shuffle your skills at DJing. Feel free to bring music. There will be also small projects to try, space to linger and relax, cool drinks.
Bring your friends. Come with your project, just to have a look, to DJ, to try out, to tinker.
Drinks and materials you used will be for free donations for the space.
We are looking forward to you!

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